starting out..

Myla,  missed every day

A lot has happened since I started my housesitting journey in October 2015, some good, most great but some not-so-good. But I do not regret setting out, all burned out from a 36 year nursing career, to dip a toe into a different way of life.

Naive, yes; underprepared, definately and marginally terrified, I didn’t look back at the flat that was now rented out as it represented one of the saddest events in my life. My little ‘girl’, my JRT, light of my life, had died suddenly the year before – I am utterly bereft & heartbroken – leaving me with no focus or reason to continue. Doing the same things without her seemed such a betrayal that I needed to be in a different place; somewhere that doesn’t constantly remind me of my loss.

My sits have been mostly engaging, at times entertaining but always educational – although always an animal lover, Myla was my one & only ‘pet’ – I have learned so much about various animal behaviours & training skills required to look after their needs.

Dogs, cats & chickens have been my repetoire so far…I hope to expand that if possible so watch this space!

Author: homeminderuk

Providing a top-quality home & pet minding service in the north of England & beyond since 2015. However, having bought a house in August 2017, I have mothballed the micro-camper & confined myself to the West Yorkshire area. Nevertheless, I continue to offer complete peace of mind when you need it most.

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